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npm install action-at-a-distance
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A socket based Javascript screen scraping NodeJS module. Static and dynamic Ajax pages can be scraped on the client (in a Browser), or on the server using Node.js.

How does it work?

Communication occurs through, which is automagically injected into every remote nonlocal page; loaded in a headless PhantomJS browser on the server.

Remote nonlocal pages are sent Javascript (through, and the local client receives results through the same socket; whether in the browser or on the server. Results can be sent asynchronously as they appear on the nonlocal page; see the Twitter demo.



  • Node.js
  • PhantomJS
  • CasperJS
  • JQuery (if using the client API)


Includes demos built with Yeoman Express-Stack and AngularJS. To run the demos:

  1. Install Yeoman Express-Stack
    1. git clone; cd $_
    2. npm install
    3. yeomen server
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