Activity Streams Engine using MongoDB(Mongoose odm) and Redis

npm install activity-streams-mongoose
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Activity Streams is a simple specification used to describe social actions around the web.

This library provides the following Activity Stream Models on Mongoose:

  • ActivityObject
  • Activity

For details on the properties each see pne of the following specifications:


First require the library passing an instance of Mongoose

var mongoose = require('mongoose');
var asmsDB = require('activity-streams-mongoose')(mongoose);

To create an activity object you can do

var cf = new asmsDB.ActivityObject({displayName: "Cloud Foundry" , url: ""}); (err) {

To create an activity with an associated activity object you can do

var testAct = new asmsDB.Activity({title: "Started the app", target: target._id}); (err) {

To query the Activity Streams do

Asking for the latest 5:

asmsDB.getActivityStream(5, function (err, docs) {
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