Activity Box

npm install activitybox
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Activity Box

This project was originally created in my process to learn node stuff. It was inspired by eCommerce sites, when they put an active box, showing what items are being bought now. However it can be used for any other live purposes.

This package just provides you with basic functionality. You still need to create your own client-side scripts, to show data.

This module creates a RESTful API server, and listner. Any app should post json data to the API, and socket listener will update the client immediately. It uses redis Pub/Sub methods, so you must have redis server running.

Please note work is still in early stages.


Clone/download the project, then:

$ cd activitybox
$ npm install

Configuration and Run

You can modify config.js as needed. Run:

node app.js


To run client, open the following file statically in browser:


To post data to the API, using cURL:

$ curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"channel": "ch1", "item": {"title": "t1", "image": "t1.png", "link": "/t1"}}' http://localhost:9000/push


  • [ ] More configuration options for Redis.
  • [ ] Include tests ( Grunt + Mocha ).
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