An express renderer for DustJs Templates

npm install adaro
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An expressjs plugin for handling DustJS view rendering. [dustjs-helpers] ( are included by default in this module.

var express = require('express');
var dustjs = require('adaro');

var app = express();

app.engine('dust', dustjs.dust({ ... });
app.set('view engine', 'dust');

// For rendering precompiled templates:
// app.engine('js', dustjs.js({ ... ));
// app.set('view engine', 'js');


Config options can be used to specify dust helpers, enabled/disable caching, and custom file loading handlers.

layout (optional) String, Sets default template to use for layout

Dust understands partials, but doesn't understand layouts. Layouts allow you to skin your application in different ways without having to rewrite all of your partials.

For example, here are two Dust templates: a layout, and a content page. The layout includes a special partial with the dynamic name {_main}. The content page has no knowledge of layout; it is itself just a partial.


Using layout, when a template is rendered, a layout can be specified or disabled. As long as the layout template includes the dynamic partial via {>"{_main}"/} the template you asked for will be wrapped in the specified layout.

// Use alternate layout
dust.render('index', { layout: 'myLayout' }, ...);
// Disable layout altogether
dust.render('index', { layout: false }, ...);

helpers (optional) String Array, helper module names

A helper module must conform the API as established by [dustjs-helpers] ( provided by LinkedIn or export as a function which accepts a sungle argument (being dust itself). Such files souch genreally be designed for use on both client and server.

Client and Server Compatible

(function (dust) {

   // Add helpers

}(typeof exports !== 'undefined' ? module.exports = require('dustjs-linkedin') : dust));

Alternate API

module.exports = function (dust) {
    // Add helpers

cache (optional, defaults to true) Boolean

Set to true to enable dust template caching, or false to disable. If a custom onLoad handler is defined, caching is disabled and assumed to be handled by the client.

onLoad (optional) Function with the signature function (name, [context], callback)

Define a file read handler for use by dust in loading files.

dustjs.onLoad = function (name, context, callback) {
    // Custom file read/processing pipline
    callback(err, str);

app.engine('dust', dustjs.dust({ cache: false }));
app.set('view engine', 'dust');
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