RFC 2822 (Header) email address parser

npm install address-rfc2822
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Parser for RFC2822 (Header) format email addresses.

This module parses RFC2822 headers containing addresses such as From, To, CC, and Bcc headers.

It is almost a direct port of the perl module Mail::Address and I'm grateful to the original authors of that module for the clean code and the tests.


npm install address-rfc2822


var addrparser = require('address-rfc2822');

var addresses = addrparser.parse("Matt Sergeant <>");
var address = addresses[0];

console.log("Email address: " + address.address);
console.log("Email name: " +;
console.log("Reformatted: " + address.format());
console.log("User part: " + address.user());
console.log("Host part: " +;


This module is MIT licensed.

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