A node-module to integrate with the adform api (

npm install adform
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A node.js module to work with the adform api.


This is far from feature complete. The API will change dramaticly in ways that aren't backwards compatible. There might be bugs etc etc.


npm install adform


    // this file is also available as example.js in the project root
    var adform = require('adform');

    // ticket is a security token you get when logged in used to do further
    // actions with the api
    adform.login(userName, password, function(err, ticket) {
        adform.getAdvertisers(ticket, function(err, advertisers) {
            // advertisers is a list of advertisers (clients) associated with
            // the logged in user
            advertisers.forEach(function(advertiser) {
                console.log('name: %s id: %s',,;
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