air-drop for flatiron

npm install air-drop-flatiron
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AirDrop for flatiron

AirDrop is a Node.js Connect middleware for compiling, concatenating and minimizing your JS/Coffee source files and delivering them to the browser on-the-fly.

Personally I think this approach is preferable to using build scripts, file watchers, etc.

Now it's for flatiron too.


Install with npm:

npm install air-drop-flatiron

You can run the specs with npm as well:


See AirDrop repo

Flatiron integration

var flatiron  = require('flatiron')
  , app       =
  , AirDrop   = require('air-drop-flatiron')
  , ecstatic  = require('ecstatic')
  , package   = AirDrop('my-pack').require('js/jquery-1.7.2.js', {name: 'jquery'})
                                  .require('js/jquerypp.js', {name: 'jquerypp'})
                                  .require('js/can.jquery-1.0.5.js', {name: 'can'})
                                  // .package().minimize().cache();    

app.use(flatiron.plugins.http, {
  before: [
    ecstatic(__dirname + '/public')

//app is now AirDrop aware (app.AirDrop('foo-pack').include...)
//you can defined AirDrop packages before app.use(flatiron.plugins.http) or after

//When a package is created AirDrop set automatically routes to Director for handling this package

app.init(function () {  
  console.log({"starting": "on", "www": "http://localhost:3000"}, "info");

Current issues


Currently, AirDrop is not working on windows because of path resolving (nightmare on windows: path c:/foo/bar is resolved as c:\\foo\\bar) and it makes bad things on Path AirDrop module.

Second issue on windows is usage of glob. glob wants input with forward-slach (accept /foo/bar and not \\foo\\bar). Still path resolution in AirDrop has to fix path before using glob.

I sent a pull request to AirDrop to fix these issues.

Last, but not the least, glob is not working with windows absolute path (eg: glob('c:/foo/bar')).

I sent a pull request to glob to fix these issues.


AirDrop accept required module to be named:

// in your Node script
var package = AirDrop("my-package").require(__dirname + "/../node_modules/underscore/underscore.js", {name: "underscore"});

// in the browser
var _ = require("underscore");

But this currently only work if you use .package() otherwise option {name: "foo"} is not used. I sent a pull request to fix this issue and make it working with air-drop-flatiron.

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