A simple logger

npm install alogger
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A simple console logger.


$ npm install alogger


There are 5 log levels ("none", "error", "warn", "info", "debug"). By default it is set to "info" level so "debug" log statements will not get logged.

Creating a logger object

var log = require('./alogger').logger("testlogger");

log.debug('log to %s level - %d', 'debug', 4, "is logging output to stdout');'log to %s level - %d', 'info', 3, 'is logging output to stdout');
log.warn('log to %s level - %d', 'warn', 2, 'is logging output to stderr');
log.error('log to %s level - %d', 'error', 1, 'is logging output to stderr');

Setting the log level

log.level('off');'You will not see this');
log.level('debug');'You will see all logs from this logger');

See test.js and alogger.js for more information.

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