a simple, full-featured, javascript testing framework

npm install always-test
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a JavaScript (node.js) testing framework


Always is a JavaScript testing framework built on node.js. It is being written primarily as a way for me to explore the area of JavaScript testing, but also as an attempt to either do away, or come to terms, with the psuedo-language surrounding most existing testing frameworks. A lot of the more popular frameworks try to simplify things, but often introduce a lot of new terms and unecessary absraction in doing so. This over-simplification can actually create a larger barrier for developers just starting out with testing.

Always is a naive attempt to keep things simple and not introduce any new concepts aside from the bare minimum. Each test is a JSON object. You use the same JavaScript skills you already have to write the tests and there is no flow like 'describe', 'it' etc. common in other test frameworks.


Build Status Always is not feature complete, is still very much a research project and should be considered in alpha state.

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