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npm install amazon-book-search
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This allows you to find books on amazon trough their product api, it have two ways for it to be used


 $ npm install amazon-book-search


$ npm install mocha -g
$ npm test

As a library

var Amazon = require('amazon-book-search');
var amazonClient =  new Amazon(('awsKey','awsSecret'));

// First 10 Results'your thoughts on books', function(error, responses){

// Next 10 results (page 2)'your thoughts on books', 2,function(error, responses){

There is a maximum of 10 pages returned by Amazon so only 100 products will be displayed

As a connect middleware

var express = require('express');
var app = express();
var Amazon =  require('amazon-book-search');
var abs = new Amazon({awsKey:'AKIAI6HXKAF4PMFLG65A', awsSecret:'W75HoO0KQ6Seh/cBK1O/zIhSPPBbaePMWlRY0Ivh'});


Now go to http://localhost:3000/search to start making queries via querystring example:

There is also a maximum of 10 pages limit


You can also checkout this repo and go to the examples folder

$ git clone
$ cd amazon-book-search
$ npm install
$ cd examples


$ node library

This will prompt results for a "node.js" search on amazon


$ node rest-api

This will launch an http server on localhost listening at port 3000 check the connect middleware documentation to make queries

Simple UI

$ node search-ui

This will launch the an enhanced REST-API server, but now you can go to http://localhost:3000/ and start making searchs there

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