Amazon Product Advertising API client

npm install amazon-product-api
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Promise-based Node.js client for Amazon Product Advertising API


The major differences between this project and other implementations are:

  1. Item search returns an EcmaScript6 promise. (Check out a great article about ES6 promises)
  2. Item search is "yieldable". So it plays well with fantastic next-gen libs such as Koa and Co. See example
  3. The entire codebase is very small (~90 LOC)


Install using npm:

npm install amazon-product-api


Basic usage

Require library

amazon = require('amazon-product-api');

Create client

var client = amazon.createClient({
    awsId: "aws ID",
    awsSecret: "aws Secret",
     awsTag: "aws Tag"

Now you can search for items on amazon like this:

//search for Pulp Fiction dvd offers
    keywords: 'Pulp fiction',
    searchIndex: 'DVD',
    responseGroup: 'ItemAttributes,Offers,Images'

Search query options:

condition: availiable options - 'All', 'New', 'Used', 'Refurbished', 'Collectible'. Defaults to 'All'
keywords: Defaults to ''
responseGroup: You can use multiple values by separating them with comma (e.g responseGroup: 'ItemAttributes,Offers,Images'). Defaults to'ItemAttributes'
searchIndex: Defaults to 'All'.


Setup your own server that doesn't require signatures and timestamp and returns JSON

koa = require 'koa'
router = require 'koa-router'
amazonProductApi = require 'amazon-product-api' 

app = koa()
app.use router app

client = amazonProductApi.createClient
  awsTag: process.env.AWS_TAG
  awsId: process.env.AWS_ID
  awsSecret: process.env.AWS_SECRET

app.get '/amazon/:index', (next) ->*
    searchResults = yield client.itemSearch
      keywords: @request.query.title
      searchIndex: @params.index
      responseGroup: 'ItemAttributes,Offers,Images'
    @body = searchResults
  catch error
    @body = error

app.listen process.env.PORT || 5000

Working demo:
Search for Alien DVDs
Search for Streets of Rage videogame
Search for shoes

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