AMFI NAV Data for Mutual Funds in India.

npm install amfinav
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Fetches NAVs of Indian mutual funds published by AMFI and reformats data into JSON

DISCLAIMER/WARNING : Developer has nothing to do with AMFI . If AMFI changes the way data is published or stops publishing the data, this code will not work as expected.

Data can be read as a JSON Array


npm install amfinav


amfi = require('amfi');
amfiNavs = new amfi(options);

using with an event listener with refresh every 3600 seconds

var amfiNavs = new amfi({refreshInterval : 3600});
amfiNavs.on('dataready', callback);
using with a callback with refresh every 3600 seconds
var amfiNavs = new amfi({callback: callback, refreshInterval : 3600});
using with a callback and no refresh
var amfiNavs = new amfi({callback: callback});
using with a event listener and no refresh
var amfiNavs = new amfi();
amfiNavs.on('dataready', listener);
  • callback : function which handles NAV Data
  • refreshInterval : Interval in seconds. Data is refreshed at this interval.
  • dataready : Emitted after data is fetched and processed into JSON.
Objects & properties
  • amfi.status : String, 'Acquiring Data' or 'Data Ready'
  • amfi.updateDate : Date, When last time data was updated
  • : Object, NAV Data
      {funds:[fund1, fund2...], fundManagers: [fundManager1, fundManager2..], 
      fundTypes: [fundType1, fundType2...], updateDate : Date}
  • fundManager : String, name of the fund manager
  • fundType : String, fund type
  • fund : Object
    { 'Scheme Code': 'NNNNNNNN',
    'ISIN Div Payout/ ISIN Growth': 'Code1',
    'ISIN Div Reinvestment': 'Code2',
    'Scheme Name': 'Scheme XXXXXX',
    'Net Asset Value': '10.6113',
    'Repurchase Price': '10.5052',
    'Sale Price': '10.6113',
    'Date': '28-Mar-2013',
    'Type': 'Type1',
    'Manager': 'Manager1' }
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