Meta web application frame work.

npm install apeman
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Meta web application frame work.

What's this?

A web frame work to create an app from another app.

Like evolution of species, apps could be changed, optimized, or diversified through generations.

How it works?

  • An apeman app refers another apeman project.
  • Inherit useful parts of ancestors projects.
  • NOT inherit unuseful parts ancestors projects.

Why this?

Each apeman project has a meta data file (named "Apemanfile.js"), which includes all project information. Like genes, this meta data used to generate another project.

There are already bunches of frameworks which promise you to provide elegant way development. If what they provides and what you want match, the promise come true.

The problem is that they never match.

What you want is always slightly different from what they want. More over, your requirements always change.

Perfect-for-everything solution never exists in the real world.

Apeman can not provide the perfect, but enable you to create your own.



$ npm install apeman -g



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This software is released under the MIT License.

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