ApiAxle's own API. Provision keys and APIs.

npm install apiaxle-api
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Api Axle


A free, locally hosted API management solution. A proxy for your api, statistics for your api & a powerful api of its own.

There are three components which make up the Api Axle system:

The proxy

$ npm install apiaxle-proxy

This is the aspect of the system which does the actual proxying. It sits in front of your API and does the authentication, key checking, queries per day/second checking. This is the bit you want if you want anything. More detail on the main site.


$ npm install apiaxle-api

This is the (optional) API for managing users, keys and endpoints. Once installed, run it with:

$ apiaxle-api


$ npm install apiaxle-repl

A way to administer your ApiAxle installation via a command line. Once installed, run it with:

$ apiaxle

You then get a prompt where you can type help to find out more.

The base libs

This is a set of libraries which is required for the above components.


Check the main site for more detailed installation instructions.


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