Generate beautiful DMG-images for your OS X applications.

npm install appdmg
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Generate beautiful DMG-images for your OS X applications.


npm install -g appdmg


appdmg <json-path> <dmg-path>
  • json-path: Path to the JSON Specification file
  • dmg-path: Path at which to place the final DMG


To produce a test DMG to your desktop, run the following command:

appdmg test/appdmg.json ~/Desktop/test.dmg

JSON Specification


The specification for the image is a simple json file, example provided below. All paths are relative to the json-file's path. (Comments are not allowed, I'm only using them for demonstration purposes.)


  // The title of the produced DMG, which will be shown when mounted
  "title": "Test Title",

  // Path to your .app
  "app": "",

  // Path to your background
  "background": "TestBkg.png",

  // Path to your icon, which will be shown when mounted
  "icon": "TestIcon.icns",

  // Size and position of the icons in the DMG
  // Positions are specified as X and Y in the center of said icon
  // "app" is your application
  // "alias" is an alias to the Applications folder
  "icons": {
    "size": 80,
    "app": [192, 344],
    "alias": [448, 344]


Retina background

Finder can display retina backgrounds if packaged correctly into a .tiff file. appdmg will do this for you automatically if it can find a file with the same name as the background appended with @2x.

E.g. if the json contains "background": "TestBkg.png" then add a file with the name TestBkg@2x.png into the same folder.


The application can also be called from within another javascript file, example:

var appdmg = require('appdmg');

appdmg('test/appdmg.json', 'test.dmg', function (err, path) {
  // err is an potential error
  // path is the path to the final DMG

OS Support

Currently the only supported os is Mac OS X.

Track the status of this here:

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