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npm install ariregister
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Get information about Estonian companies


npm install ariregister



Use the following command to load company data

ariregister(regCode, callback);


  • regCode is the registration code of an Estonian company
  • callback (error, html) is the callback function to run once the data has been resolved

The html returned by the resolver includes company B-card in the HTML format


var ariregister = require("ariregister");
ariregister("123456", function(err, html){
    console.log(err || html);


Currently only company captchas (the small ones) are resolved but not the system wide "big" captchas that are tied to the user session. When such issues occur ("Could not generate new session" error), then you can generate a valid session by yourself in the browser and copy the session value to index.js:102

NB! If you are using this module, you are not complying with √Ąriregister terms of service, so I must declare that this module must not be used by anyone and it is created for testing purposes only.


MIT - copy and modify as you will

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