Like string_decoder but for arrays

npm install array_decoder
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Array Decoder

This class can be used to stream arrays of data when chunks may end with partial elements. Similar to string decoder but for arrays.


npm install array_decoder


var ArrayDecoder = require('array_decoder').ArrayDecoder

var decoder = new ArrayDecoder

// Outputs: ['abc', 'def']
console.log(decoder.write(['abc', 'def', 'gh']))

// Outputs: ['ghi', 'jkl']
console.log(decoder.write(['i', 'jkl', 'mn']))

// Outputs: ['mnl']
console.log(decoder.write(['l'], true))

new ArrayDecoder([format])

Output can be string or buffer. If not specified it will be as input.

write(array, complete)

array - Array of strings, buffers or array of arrays of string or buffers. complete - Set to true for last chunk.

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