Extract the article title of a HTML document

npm install article-title
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Extract the article title of a HTML document

It's often quite hard to get the actual title of an article from a page as authors either add a bunch of trash to <title> or don't use it at all. There's also no standardized way to indicate the title of an article in the markup. This module uses various ways for extracting it cleanly.


$ npm install --save article-title


var articleTitle = require('article-title');
var htmlDocument = '<!doctype html><html><head><title>My awesome unicorn website</title></head><body><article><h1>How unicorns sleep</h1><p>...</p></body></html>';

//=> How unicorns sleep


You can also use it as a CLI app by installing it globally:

$ npm install --global article-title


$ article-title -h

article-title <html-document>
# or
cat <html-document> | article-title


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