Drop-in replacement for assert to give diff on deepEqual.

npm install assert-diff
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Drop-in replacement for assert to give colored diff on command-line with deepEqual.

This exists to give better diff on error when comparing objects or arrays with Mocha.

Should work on *nix shells.

Also has more asserts from


var assert = require('assert-diff')

it('diff deep equal with message', function() {
  assert.deepEqual({pow: "boom", same: true, foo: 2}, {same: true, bar: 2, pow: "bang"}, "this should fail")

Should give you:

Strict mode

By default everything should work as with Node's deepEqual. Using strict mode is probably what you want. At least is for me. The following example will pass with Node's deepEqual but will fail using strict mode:

var assert = require('assert-diff')({strict: true})

it('strict diff deep equal', function() {
  assert.deepEqual({a: 1, b: 2}, {a: true, b: "2"}, "this should fail")

Should give you:


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