An asterisk ami connector

npm install asterisk-ami
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An extremely lightweight Asterisk AMI connector


npm install asterisk-ami


var AsteriskAmi = require('./lib/AsteriskAmi');
var ami = new AsteriskAmi( { host: 'hostname', username: 'username', password: 'secret' } );

ami.on('ami_data', function(data){
    console.log('AMI DATA', data);
    //decide between Events and non events here and what to do with them, maybe run an event emitter for the ones you care about

    ami.send({action: 'Ping'});//run a callback event when we have connected to the socket
});//connect creates a socket connection and sends the login action

ami.send({action: 'Ping'});

Configuration options

AsteriskAmi has preset/configurable options, you can set these via an object passed in to AsteriskAmi

  • port: Port number for Asterisk AMI, default 5038
  • host: Host of Asterisk, default localhost
  • username: Username of Asterisk AMI user, default: username
  • password: Password of Asterisk AMI user, default: password

NPM Maintainers

The npm module for this library is maintained by:


asterisk-ami is licensed under the MIT license.

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