Run a series of callbacks in sequence.

npm install async-series
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Run a series of callbacks in sequence, as simply as possible.

More or less equivalent to async.series - solely for the sake of keeping some modules tiny for browserify.


npm install async-series


series(tasks, callback, safe)

Where tasks is an array of functions, each with their own done argument. callback is called when finished. Setting safe to true will ensure there's at least a tick between each task to prevent RangeErrors.

  function(done) {
    console.log('first thing')
  function(done) {
    console.log('second thing')
    done(new Error('another thing'))
  function(done) {
    // never happens, because "second thing"
    // passed an error to the done() callback
], function(err) {
  console.log(err.message) // "another thing"
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