A node module to generate Jasmine Spec Runner html pages.

npm install atropa-jasmine-spec-runner-generator-html
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A utility for use with jasmine-standalone

Generates Jasmine Spec Runner html pages for browser based JavaScript tests. This makes it possible to automatically update the spec runner when building your project.

It's easy to use:

var JasmineSpecRunnerGenerator = require(

specRunner = new JasmineSpecRunnerGenerator(
    '/js/jasmine/', 'banana tester.html', 'Banana Test Suite');

specRunner.addSources(__dirname, '/js/myLib/');

specRunner.addSpecs('./specs/', '/myLib/test/specs/');


    function () {

Install it on node from npm

npm install atropa-jasmine-spec-runner-generator-html

Visual studio intellisense support is available in docs/vsdoc/OpenLayersAll.js Full documentation may be found at

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