Autocompletion for the Web. Includes JS with static and dynamic analysis.

npm install aulx
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Autocompletion for the Web

Let's have the best JS, CSS, HTML autocompletion ever!

Try it

The aulx.js file contains the whole project. It is a concatenation of many other JS files, although it isn't minified.

You can try to require it in node.

var aulx = require('aulx');
var source = 'var foo; fo';
aulx.js(source, {line:0, ch:11});

State of the project


  • JS keyword autocompletion,
  • JS static analysis: a simple algorithm for autocompletion,
  • JS Static type inference,
  • JS dynamic analysis,
  • CSS property autocompletion.

To do:

  • HTML (including inlined CSS and JS autocompletion),
  • CoffeeScript, SASS, … We can go crazy with this!

Aulx (French for Garlic)

To the delicate attention of fellow developers

Project entry point: entrance/completers.js. It uses all completers, each of which has its own directory.

Completer entry point: <completer>/main.js (no surprise there!)

Building the bundle aulx.js is done with this swift command:


or, if your computer lacks make:

node make

Finally, testing completers is either done in batch mode with yet another swift command:

make test

or, for each completer:

node <completer>/test
# For example:
node js/test

Baked by Thaddée Tyl.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit

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