A simple example of a server which receives uploads using Aurigma Upload Suite.

npm install aurigma-uploader-sample
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Thanks for checking our Aurigma's Upload Suite sample application!


In this simple application you will see how to:

  1. Display the uploader on the page (requires to teach node.js to load static content like htm, css, jar, cab, images, etc).

  2. Accept POST requests sent by the uploader.

  3. Display uploaded images from a gallery folder.

How to run it

Just type 'node aurigma-server.js' in the command line. If necessary, modify port and ip variables. After that open the in the browser (or use your IP address and port number).

Note, if you use Chrome, Firefox or Safari, you need to have Java runtime installed. In IE, ActiveX version will be loaded.

Aurigma Upload Suite version

In this version, Upload Suite 8.0.48 is used. If you want to update it, download the latest Upload Suite from here:

Copy /ActiveX-Java/Scripts folder content to aurigma folder of this package.

License key

You don't need a license key as long as you are uploading to localhost or However if you want to test it on some other hostname or IP, you should receive an evaluation key either during installation of the evaluation version or by contacting us at

Dependencies - POST request parser

To handle POST requests, the formidable module is used (to install run: 'npm install formidable'). You can use any other module to do it as well. Visit this page for Aurigma's POST request format: 

Dependencies - XML tool

To generate the gallery page, xml module is used (to install run: 'npm install xml'). In a real life application you are most likely use some template engine. So most likely, you don't have to use xml module in your application, it is installed just for demonstration purposes.

Support & Documentation

Visit for documentation, or for support. Don't hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions regarding any Aurigma products - whether pricing/licensing or technical ones.

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