Autorouter for express

npm install autoroute
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Autoroute loads your express routes automatically.

Let say that you have files, that end with *Api, e.g. testApi.js, that defines an express route:

module.exports = function(app) {
  app.get('/test', function() {
    // output something

Now you want to require all files that ends with *Api.

// and so on

We can make this process much easier with autoroute!

Install autoroute with:

npm install autoroute --save

Just use the autoroute function and define glob file patterns.

var autoroute = require('autoroute');

  './**/*Api.js', // First parameter is an array of glob file patterns
  '!./**/*Page.js' // Subtract files with !
], app); // Second parameter is the express server
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