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npm install av
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Aurora.js is a framework that makes writing audio decoders in JavaScript easier. It handles common tasks for you such as dealing with binary data, and the decoding pipeline from source to demuxer to decoder, and finally to the audio hardware itself by abstracting browser audio APIs. Aurora contains two high level APIs for inspecting and playing back decoded audio, and it is easily extendible to support more sources, demuxers, decoders, and audio devices.

Check out the documentation to learn more about using and extending Aurora.


We have written several decoders using Aurora.js, whose demos you can find here and whose source code can be found on our Github page.


Aurora.js was written by @jensnockert and @devongovett of Audiocogs.


Currently, the importer module is used to build Aurora.js. You can run the development server by first installing importer with npm, and then running it like this:

npm install importer -g
importer browser.coffee -p 8080

You can also build a static version like this:

importer browser.coffee aurora.js

By itself, Aurora will play LPCM, uLaw and aLaw files in a number of containers. Be sure to add additional codec support by including some of our other decoders such as FLAC.js, ALAC.js, and MP3.js.


Aurora.js is released under the MIT license.

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