adapts an event based non-polling listener for azure storage queues

npm install azure-queue
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Azure Queue listener example

To use this example, require azure-queue, instantiate a queue listener, provide it with a callback for the "message" event, and finally attach the listener to a particular queue.

var QueueListener = require('azure-queue');
var azure = require('azure');
var queuename = "myqueue";

var queueService = azure.createQueueService();

var listener = new QueueListener();
listener.on('message', function(message) {
    // watch the backoff/speedup 
    console.log("..." + Math.pow(2, listener.timeout));

    // at a minumum the message should be deleted 
    // otherwise it'll remain on the queue
    // add message processing here
                , message.messageid
                , message.popreceipt
                , function(error){
listener.listen(queuename, queueService);
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