Backbone Class is the missing 'Backbone.Class' in Backbone.js which provides clean JavaScript class inheritence via the Backbone.extend pattern

npm install backbone-class
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Backbone Class

Class is the missing "Backbone.Class" in Backbone.js. It provides clean JavaScript inheritence via the Backbone.extend pattern and modified via for simple this._super() calls. On instantiation, an initialize method is called and if a parameters object is passed, unless overridden, it will be pushed on to an options hash. Additionally, because backbone-class extends Backbone.Events, event dispatch can be achieved by adding listeners, triggering events, and removing listeners per the Backbone.js spec.

Best used with Browserify!


  • npm install backbone-class


  • npm install -g grunt-cli
  • npm install
  • npm test



var Klass = require('backbone-class')

var Person = Klass.extend({
  language: function() {
    return 'The method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way.'

var Animal = Person.extend({
  meaning: function() {
    return 'Intended to communicate something that is not directly expressed.'

var animal = new Animal({
  defaultLanguage: 'Bark'

console.log( animal.options.defaultLanguage )
console.log( animal.language() )
console.log( animal.meaning() )


var Person = Klass.extend({
  language: function (lang) {
    return 'Speaking ' + (lang || 'English')

var person = new Person()
console.log( person.language() ) // 'Speaking English'

var Animal = Person.extend({
  language: function(lang) {

var animal = new Animal()

console.log( animal.language('Bark') ) // 'Speaking Bark'


var Person = Klass.extend({
  initialize: function() {
    this.on('speak', this.onSpeak.bind(this))

  onSpeak: function() {
    return 'Hello Human :)'

var person = new Person()

More Info

Class inheritance mirrors Backbone.js precisely, but without the additional method baggage that is normally associated with Models, Views and Collections; feel free to check out for more info. Also, see for more info on the _super() method.


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