Handles your view/model/collection instantiations for you

npm install backbone-helper
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Small helper library for Backbone meant to keep you from memory leaking. It works by handling the instance creation of models/views/collections for you and keeping track of them, preventing you from unintentionally creating multiple instances of them.

How to use

There are several ways to use this, the simples is doing BB.get({view:'your-view-name'}), you can replace view with model or collection. Additionally you can grab a view with a model and/or collection by doing BB.get({view:'your-view-name',model:'your-model-name'}), this will set up the view's model property to reference the specified model.

Full example usage:

var foo = BB.get({
    view: {
        name: 'view-name',
        reset: true, // Delete existing and create new instance if found
        options: {} // Set any number of view parameters like initialize, el, tagName, etc
    model: {
        name: 'model-name',
        reset: true, // Reset the existing model instance
        data: {}, // Set model initial data
        options: {} // Set any number of model parameters like attributeId, initialize, etc
    collection: {
        name: 'collection-name',
        reset: true // Reset the existing instance if found



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