A RESTful controller for BackboneORM

npm install backbone-rest
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By using BackboneREST on the server and BackboneORM's JSON rendering DSL, you can save time in defining JSON APIs.

Supported frameworks:

Examples (CoffeeScript)

Backbone = require 'backbone'
RestController = require 'backbone-rest'
ensureLoggedIn = require 'connect-ensure-login'

customAuthorization = (req, res, next) ->
  unless req.user.canAccessTask(req)
    return res.status(401).send('you cannot access this task')

new RestController(app, {
  auth: [ensureLoggedIn('/login'), customAuthorization]
  model_type: Task
  route: '/tasks'

Examples (JavaScript)

var Backbone = require('backbone');
var RestController = require('backbone-rest');
var ensureLoggedIn = require('connect-ensure-login');

var customAuthorization = function(req, res, next) {
  if (!req.user.canAccessTask(req)) {
    return res.status(401).send('you cannot access this task');
  return next();

new RestController(app, {
  auth: [ensureLoggedIn('/login'), customAuthorization],
  model_type: Task,
  route: '/tasks'

Please checkout the website for installation instructions, examples, documentation, and community!

For Contributors

To build the library for Node.js:

$ npm run

Please run tests before submitting a pull request.

$ npm test
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