Backbone.View on steroids

npm install backbone.viewx
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Backbone.ViewX provides an alternative to Backbone.View flavoured with sub view management and DOM insertion methods.


{View} = require 'backbone.viewx'

class MyView extends View

  render: ->
    this.content = @view(new Content)
    # appendTo, prependTo, appendAfter, appendBefore, append, prepend,
    # after, before are also available

  onEnterDOM: ->
    # this method will be called when view's element is attached to the
    # DOM, useful for triggering relayout and animations


CollectionView is a View subclass which is suitable for rendering collections:

{CollectionView} = require 'backbone.viewx'

class MyCollectionView extends CollectionView
  tagName: 'ul'
  itemView: class extends View
    tagName: 'li'
    render: ->
      this.$el.html "#{this.model.get('name')}"

view = (new MyCollectionView(collection: new Backbone.Collection()))
view.collection.add(new Backbone.Model(name: 'First')) # view updates!

There's also an reversed option you can pass to a constructor to have your items be rendered in a reverse order.

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