A logger that doesn't suck

npm install badger
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a node logger that doesn't suck

Badger is a simple logger, providing the two things that are essential for maintainable logging:

  • automatic printing of file/line number where the log message happened
  • easy local/global granularity controls


npm install badger



var badger = require("badger")(__filename);

badger.error("An error");
badger.warning("A warning");
badger.debug("A debug statement");


[error] main.js:3: An error
[warning] main.js:4: A warning

The debug message is not shown because the highest level log message shown by default is a warning. In order to show debug messages in the scope of a single file, you can do this:


# debug messages will now be shown

Debug messages can also be set to be shown globally:


Where's badger.log?

badger is intentionally does not include a generic log command, because I believe that a generic log command encourages sloppy, unmaintainble logging. All logs can be categorized as either warnings, errors, or debug messages.

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