Extract metadata from files by looking at a leading comment!

npm install balrog-meta-htmlcomment
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Extract metadata from files by looking at a leading comment!



  title: How to eat food
  author: @brianloveswords
  sandwich: grilled cheese & tomato
  tags: pizza, taco, burrito
  date: 2013-10-28

# How to eat food
Step 1: eat it up
Step 2: awesome


  title: 'How to eat food',
  author: 'Brian J Brennan',
  sandwich: 'grilled cheese & tomato',
  tags: [ 'pizza', 'taco', 'burrito' ],
  date: '2013-10-28'


TODO: talk about balrog integration

$ npm install balrog-meta-htmlcomment


TODO: talk about balrog usage

var extract = require('balrog-meta-htmlcomment')


content should be either a string or a buffer. If it is a buffer, it will be converted to a string with .toString('utf8').

It's expected that the first non-whitspace string in content is <!-- on its own line. Every line after that will be treated like a <key>:<value> pair. Any whitespace at the beginning and end of the line will be trimmed, as well as any whitespace before and after the “:”.

A “tags” key will be represented in the metadata as an array, using the comma character (and any leading/trailing whitespace) as the separator to split the string. So something like tags: hey, you, guys would be represented as ['hey', 'you', 'guys'].


Simplified BSD License

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