A tool for tracking your variables as they change

npm install bartleby
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In order to use Bartleby, you need to have Redis installed and running. View for more information about how to install it.

Since it is written in Node.js, Node.js and NPM must both be installed. These can be downloaded at

Bartleby can then be installed with the command npm install bartleby -g

To check that the Bartleby installation was successful, try running:

bartleby to start the Bartleby server.

Navigate to localhost:3700 to view the site.

Client Libraries

You also need to install a client library for your language in order to use this. These are currently a WIP, but should be out soon. If you'd like to immediately add this to your Ruby on Rails app, take a look at Bartleby-Rails

We currently have libraries written in Python and Ruby, along with some examples.


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