A pipe to browser utility

npm install bcat
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Pipe to browser utility, this is (sort of a) a bcat clone in javascript. Very useful for log tail fun :)

node-bcat features auto scrolling (with enable/disable), ansi to html coloring and behavior and color customization.

This module uses RC to manage its configuration, so in addition to command line arguments you may save your favorite configuration in .bcatrc


 --port                   set a port for this bcat execution
 --contentType            content type header, must be lower case      [default: "text/html"]
 --backgroundColor        (only in text/html)                          [default: "#000000"]
 --foregroundColor        (only in text/html)                          [default: "#ffffff"]
 --tabLength              length of a tab in spaces                    [default: 4]
 --tabReplace             tab replacement                              [default: "    "
 --disableTabReplace      disable tab replacement                      [default: false]
 --newlineReplace         new line replacement                         [default: "<br />"
 --disableNewlineReplace  disable new line replacement                 [default: false]
 --ansi                   show colorful ansi (implies text/html)       [default: true]
 --ansiOptions            override replacement of ansi black color
 --scrollDownInterval     interval to execute javascript scroll down   [default: 1000 (ms)]

An available port between 8080 - 8181 will be automatically picked if --port is not specified


> npm install -g bcat

> cat somefile | bcat

> echo '<hr>' | bcat

Want to see something moving too?


setInterval(function () {
}, 1000)


> node test.js | bcat

screenshot be a good cat

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