Create desktop applications for Mac OSX (10.7 & 10.8) and Windows XP, 7 & 8 using modern web technology and Node.js (Python || Ruby || PHP || Java).

npm install bellite
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Node.js bindings for the desktop application toolkit using JSON-RPC2-based message passing API. This module wraps the IPC interface, providing complete access to the Command API and Events for creating rich desktop applications.

After creating a Bellite object, the module will use the BELLITE_SERVER credentials to connect with the host Bellite process and authorize the two-way JSON-RPC2 connection.


"use strict";
var bellite=require('../bellite.js'),
    app = bellite.Bellite();

app.ready.done(function() {
    app.bindEvent(-1, 'navigate');
    app.on('navigate', function(eobj) {
      console.log('on navigate:', eobj);

    app.perform(-1, 'navigateNew', {'url':''}).then(function(eobj) {
      console.log('navigateNew:', eobj);

    app.perform(-1, 'pathVars').then(function(eobj) {
      console.log('pathVars:', eobj);


The Bellite object extends EventEmitter, and reflects all Bellite events to .emit calls. For each IPC method call, a promise/A+ instance is returned, to be fullfilled or rejected after the Bellite host process responds.

Interprocess API

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