Server side bigpipe plugin to watch file changes during development.

npm install bigpipe-watch
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Bigpipe plugin that will watch added pages, pagelets and their views for easy developing. As soon as a file is changed the content will be rediscovered and reloaded into Bigpipe's internals.


  • Watches the files of both temper and compiler
  • Will utilize compiler to preprocess the files if required
  • Debounces file changes and refreshes


The watch plugin is released to npm and can be installed using:

npm install bigpipe-watch --save

To use the plugin from Bigpipe, simply add it after Bigpipe is initialized or add it to options#plugins. bigpipe.use will execute the plugin logic. Make sure the plugin name is unique, e.g. watch by default.

// Usage after initialization
var watch = require('watch')
  , Pipe = require('bigpipe');

var pipe = new Pipe(http.createServer(), {
    pages: __dirname + '/pages',
    public: __dirname + '/public'
// Usage through createServer options
var watch = require('watch')
  , Pipe = require('bigpipe');

var pipe = Bigpipe.createServer(8080, {
      pages: __dirname + '/pages',
      public: __dirname + '/public',
      plugins: [ watch ]



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