Class system to organize namespaces, define, create, extend, mixin, super inheritance and more

npm install bike
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Organize your classes in namespaces, extend or mix them. Bike helps you keep your project clear and in order.

This module can be used with node or in the browser.


  • namespaces
  • extend (inheritance like)
  • mixin
  • super methods
  • self require dependencies
  • cache


Install this using npm as follows

$ npm install bike

Quick start

Define a class

This will register a class.

var Bike = require('bike');

Bike.define('person', {
  talk: function(){
    return 'Ciao, i am a person'

Create a class

This will instantiate a new object.

var person = Bike.create('person');;
// => Ciao, i am a person

Extend a class

Extending a class will allow to inherit all properties and methods from the extended object.

To call the parent method use the this._super() syntax.

Bike.define('singer', {
  extend: 'person',
  talk: function(){
    return this._super() + ' and a good singer!'
  sing: function(){
    return 'I can sing'

var singer = Bike.create('singer');;
// => Ciao, i am a person and a good singer!

Optionally you can also give properies or methods that will extend the new object just created, not its definition.

var frank = Bike.create('singer', {
  name: 'Frank',
  sing: function(){
    return this._super() + ' songs.'
// => Frank

// => I can sing songs

Define namespaces

The namespace will help you organize classes in a tree structure.

Bike.namespace('people', __dirname + '/jobs');

Now when you create a class people.* it will automatically require it from the folder /jobs.

Bike.define('people.architect', {
  /* ... */
// => will look for '/jobs/architect.js'

// OR

Bike.define('people.architect', {
  extend: 'people.general.worker'
// => will look for '/jobs/architect.js' extending '/jobs/general/worker.js'
// No need to require('/jobs/architect.js') or not require('/jobs/general/worker.js')

Mixing classes

You could also borrow properties or methods from other classes beside direct extending

Bike.define('people.architect', {
  mixins: [

Extend your own class with Bike

It is possible to extend your own class/module/project with Bike's functionality.

var myClass = function(){/**/};
myClass.version = '0.0.0';
myClass.ciao = function(){};

/* ... */


// Now you can do
myClass.define('...', {});
// and

// Optionally you can also pass namespaces directly into the extend fn
Bike.extend(myClass, {
  'people', __dirname + '/jobs'

Running Tests

Install dev dependencies and make tests:

$ npm install -d
$ make test


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