A structured and understandable way to read/write binary data in Javascript. Inspired by Ruby BinData.

npm install bindata
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BinData.js is a simple and structured way to read and write binary data. Instead of having to remember a whole table of obscure character codes, you can write and encapsulate chunks of binary data together with ease.

BinData.js aims to be a very close port of Ruby's BinData library.


Data record definition

class Rectangle extends BinData.Record
  endian: "little"
  define: ->
    @uint16 "len"
    @string "name", length: 4
    @uint32 "width"
    @uint32 "height"

Reading a data record

file ="/path/to/file")
r = new Rectangle(file)

console.log "Rectangle #{} is #{r.width} x #{r.height}"
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