API and graph resolver for the bipio content pipeline.

npm install bip
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Welcome to the Bipio API Server.

BipIO is Billion Instructions Per I/O - For People and Robots.

Hosted/Commercial OEM solutions can be found at Read the License section at the end of this readme for important info.

Bipio is a graph pipelining API talking RESTful JSON, where each node in your graph is responsible for performing a discrete unit of work, such as integrating "cloud" API's or other web based RPC's.

The graph structures (bips) allow you to transform content between adjacent nodes. They can be reconfigured dynamically without requiring changes to the connecting client, ideal for rapid prototyping, A/B testing, message escalation or any kind of interprotocol communication.

Bips are configured by defining a graph (hub) across nodes (channels). Channels perform a discrete unit of work and emit a predictable result, they can be arranged on a bip's hub in meaningful ways. Channels are largely decoupled from the graph resolution platform in self contained collections called Pods. Feel free to roll your own favorite integration by getting started with Pods and Channels, then jump in and Install Your First Pod.

Bips can be given public facing endpoints over HTTP or SMTP which can trigger content for processing. For example, a Bip could collect simple logs, model an integrated workflow, or be a rules based email service pushing one message to all your connected social networks and blogs, amongst others. Certain types of channels, called 'emitters' can fire Bips periodically for polling content, synchronizing files, notifying you of important events, automatically generating content or simply scheduling messages.


The BipIO server software is the basic framework for processing bips and their delivery graphs. For an authoritative list of officially supported services, please see the bip-pod-* repos via and please help make the community a better place.

The server is currently distributed headless. Sign in to bipio to mount your local install from your browser.

Requirements -

SMTP Bips are available out of the box with a Haraka plugin. Configs under bipio-contrib/haraka.

Architecture - The API server listens on (default) tcp:5000 where it runs a RESTful server. Your username, when appended to the server hostname, becomes the entry point through which public bips attached to your account can be triggered and/or channels with data sources can be dynamically rendered.

(**Please bare with me while the Architecture section is clarified)


npm install bipio
make install
node ./src/server.js

Be sure to have a MongoDB server and Rabbit broker ready and available before install. Otherwise, follow the prompts during the make install script to get a basically sane server running that you can play with.

A sample upstart script is supplied in config/upstart_bip.conf -- suggest using upstart with monit


BipIO is free for non-commercial use.


Our open source license is the appropriate option if you are creating an open source application under a license compatible with the GNU GPL license v3.

Bipio may not be used for Commercial purposes by an entity who has not secured a Bipio Commercial OEM License. To secure a Commercial OEM License for Bipio, please reach us

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