Imgur Pod for Bipio

npm install bip-pod-imgur
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Imgur bip-pod-imgur

Imgur API pod for bipio.


From bipio server root directory

npm install bip-pod-imgur
./tools/pod-install.js -a imgur [-u optional account-wide channel auto install]

The pod-install script is a server script which will register the pod with the bipio server and add sparse configuration to your NODE_ENV environment config ('default.json', staging or production) keyed to 'imgur', based on the default config in the pod constructor. It will also move the pod icon into the server cdn

Manually restart the bipio server at your convenience.



Upload an image to Imgur Anonymously (meaning, not tied to your account)

Sample Channel Config :

"action" : "imgur.image_upload_anon",

Bipio Docs


BipIO is free for non-commercial use - GPLv3

Our open source license is the appropriate option if you are creating an open source application under a license compatible with the GNU GPL license v3.

Bipio may not be used for Commercial purposes by an entity who has not secured a Bipio Commercial OEM License. To secure a Commercial OEM License for Bipio, please reach us

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