Blickstick API for Node.js

npm install blinkstick
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BlinkStick Node

BlinkStick Node provides an interface to control Blinkstick devices connected to your computer.

What is BlinkStick? It's a DIY USB RGB LED device. More info about it here:


Node & npm

Using Homebrew:

$> brew install node


Using Homebrew:

$> brew install libusb


Install using npm:

$> npm install blinkstick


var blinkstick = require('blinkstick');

To get the first blinkstick on your system:

led = new blinkstick.findFirst();

To get all the serial numbers for blinkstick(s) on your system:

serials = blinkstick.FindAllSerials();

To get all the blinkstick(s) on your system:

leds = blinkstick.findAll();

To get the serial number, manufacturer, or description associated with a blinkstick:


To set the color:

// rgb is a '#RRGGBB' string
// red/green/blue are each numbers in [0..255]
// function is optional
led.setColor(rgb, function() { /* called when color is changed */ });
led.setColor(red, green, blue, function() { /* called when color is changed */ });


led.turnOff();    // i.e., setColor(0, 0, 0)

To get the color:

led.getColor(function(red, green, blue) { ... });
led.getColorString(function(rgb) { ... });

Running the example

Navigate the the example directory, install dependencies and run the server:

$> cd node_modules/blinkstick/example
$> npm install
$> node server

Then, in a browser, navigate to the url given in the console.


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