Blog generator from .md post files, highly inspired from

npm install blog-maker
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blog-maker -- generate blog from .md files, highly inspired by


This blog generator is highly inspired by (meaning, I've extracted the code which make it works from to make it work as a stand alone module =) )

Big props to @dshaw for giving me this idea and @isaacs for explaining me how the magic was done =)


  npm install blog-maker

How to use

To generate a simple blog, you will need:

  • A folder where you insert the blog posts as .md files
  • An rss.xml template to generate the blog feed
  • An .html file to use as template for each blog post

You can find examples of this in the 'data' folder of this repo

To use it, just require the module

var blogMaker = require('blog-maker');

And then call the function returned with the following args:

  • - for example data/posts
  • - output folder
  • - for example data/blog.html
  • - for example data/rss.xml
  • [blogPath] - if you want your blog to be hosted in, pass 'blog' in this arg
  • [numberOfPostPerPage] - number of posts presented per page


blogMaker('data/posts', 'public', 'data/blog.html', 'data/rss.xml')

You can find and example using node-static to server the blog posts in the 'example' folder, to try it, just run node example/example_run.js

A blog contributors guide template


data/posts - Folder containing all the posts

data/blog.html - blog page template (for each post)

data/rss.xml - rss feed template

Adding a new post

  1. Open data/posts folder
  2. Create a new
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