Boarding Pass provides a set of tools and defaults to quickly start front-end web project styling.

npm install boarding-pass
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Boarding Pass

Default styles for websites using Sass. Compatible with both the original Ruby Sass and node-sass. Includes Bourbon, Neat, Typeplate, and Colors.



npm install boarding-pass

Require the boarding-pass module and set Boarding Pass' includePaths property to node-sass' includePaths option.

var sass = require('node-sass');
var boardingPass = require('boarding-pass');

    file: scss_filename,
    success: callback,
    includePaths: boardingPass.includePaths,

This will load the paths for Boarding Pass, Bourbon, and Neat.

In your scss file, simply add:

@import "boarding_pass";

Rails 3.1+

Add to your Gemfile:

gem 'boarding_pass'


bundle install

In your application.css.scss file, add:

@import "boarding_pass";


The variable names from the Colors library have been changed slightly to include a prefix of $default-:

// Cool
$default-aqua:  #7fdbff;
$default-blue:  #0074d9;
$default-navy:  #001f3f;
$default-teal:  #39cccc;
$default-green: #2ecc40;
$default-olive: #3d9970;
$default-lime:  #01ff70;

// Warm
$default-yellow:  #ffdc00;
$default-orange:  #ff851b;
$default-red:     #ff4136;
$default-fuchsia: #f012be;
$default-purple:  #b10dc9;
$default-maroon:  #85144b;

// Gray Scale
$default-white:  #fff;
$default-silver: #ddd;
$default-gray:   #aaa;
$default-black:  #111;


Clone and run npm install.

You can run a local preview server to view your changes with node server.js. Any changes will be recompiled on page refresh.


Copyright © 2013 LaCroix Design Co.
Released under the MIT License

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