An automatic reconnect mux-demux-shoe

npm install boot
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An automatic reconnect mux-demux-shoe

The mdm connection you get from shoe will magically handle reconnection logic for you under the hood. You just play with streams

Client Example

var boot = require('boot')
    , mdm = boot("/boot")

var one = mdm.createStream("one")

one.on("data", console.log.bind(console, "client"))

one.write("hello world")

Server Example

var boot = require("boot")
    , through = require("through")
    , echoStream = through()

var sock = boot(function (stream) {
    // stream from MuxDemux with the meta property set
    if (stream.meta === "one") {
        stream.on("data", console.log.bind(console, "server"))
        stream.pipe(echoStream, { end: false }).pipe(stream)

sock.install(server, "/boot")


npm install boot


  • Raynos

MIT Licenced

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