Fix subnav to the top when it scrolls out of view (works well with bootstrap)

npm install booting-nav
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Intended to fix navigation to the top when it scrolls out of view (works great with bootstrap). This library can easilly be used to add a class to something when it scrolls out of view, and remove the class when it scrolls back into view.

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This library can be built to use standalone, just download the github repo and then do:

$ npm install browserify -g
$ npm install
$ browserify index.js --standalone boot > boot.js

You can then use boot instead of require('booting-nav').

Example usage:

var boot = require('booting-nav')
var $ = document.getElementById.bind(document)

boot($('red'), {offset: 40})
boot($('green'), {offset: 80})
boot($('orange'), {offset: 120, minWidth: '400px'})

This results in each block sticking to the top at the appropriate offset. Then minWidth parameter is oftne useful for mobile layouts.

You can skip the auto-generated class and just have your own class used instead by adding the cls option:

boot($('orange'), {cls: 'nav-fixed-top'})



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