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npm install bottleneck
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Bottleneck is a simple and efficient Asynchronous Rate Limiter for Node.JS and the browser. When dealing with services with limited resources, it's important to ensure that they don't become overloaded. Bottleneck is the easiest solution as it doesn't add any complexity to the code.

Databases, file systems, network access, APIs, etc. are all services that can easily be overwhelmed.



npm install bottleneck


<script type="text/javascript" src="bottleneck.min.js"></script>


Most APIs have a rate limit. For example, the API limits programs to 1 request every 2 seconds.

var Bottleneck = require("bottleneck"); //Node.JS only

// Wait at least 2000ms between each request.
// Never more than 1 request running at a time.
var limiter = new Bottleneck(1, 2000);

new Bottleneck(maxNb, minTime);

  • maxNb : How many requests can be running at the same time. 0 for unlimited.
  • minTime : Optional. How long to wait after launching a request before launching another one.

Instead of doing

someAsyncCall(arg1, arg2, argN, callback);

You do

limiter.submit(someAsyncCall, arg1, arg2, argN, callback);

And now you can be assured that someAsyncCall will follow the rate guidelines!

If a callback isn't necessary, pass null instead.



Cancels all queued up requests and prevents additonal requests from being submitted.


limiter.changeSettings(maxNb, minTime)

Same parameters as the constructor, pass null to skip a parameter.

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