Multi process manager for Node.js

npm install bowl
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Bowl is a Node.js module for running worker script in multi-core using "cluster" module.

Bowl provides a monitoring mechanism to check worker process, and restart workers gracefully. In addition, it is also possible to hot deploy detecting a change in the directory or file, and extend the master process by plugin scripts.



You can also install from npm.

npm install -g bowl


Please see help.

% bowl -h
// display how to specify options and can be specified

By module


var Bowl = require('bowl');

var bowl = new Bowl({
  exec: './app.js',
  forks: require('os').cpus().length,
  watch: ['app', 'lib', 'app.js'],
  plugins: ['plugins/foo.js', 'plugins/bar.js']
}); {
  console.log('Bowl has started');
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