A tool which helps you safely upgrade your NPM dependencies.

npm install bramble
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Is a tool which helps you safely upgrade your NPM dependencies.

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Running Bramble will look at each dependency in your package.json, and one by one will ask if you want to update that dependency (with the --prompt flag). If you let it, Bramble will then download the latest version of that dependency, optionally (with the --test flag) running your test suite to check for any breaking changes in the new version. Finally, Bramble will (with the --save flag) write the new version to your package.json.

He's also my cat.

bramble cat!

Global Install

npm install -g bramble

Local Install

npm install bramble --save


Usage: bramble [--save] [--prompt] [--test] [--dev]
Usage: node index.js [--save] [--prompt] [--test] [--dev]

--save      save the package.json on a successful install (and optional --test from your package.json)
--prompt    prompt the user to install/skip and optionally test each dependency that needs updating
--test      bramble will run 'npm test' (defined in your package.json) for you after successful install of any dependencies.
            If the tests fail bramble will revert (reinstall) your previous installed package(s)
--dev       flag to update your devDependencies
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