UI Components for browsers and NodeJS

npm install brick
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A UI Component system designed for simplicity and productivity.


$ npm install brick


Every brick is an independent UI and a separate NPM package. Create a new one by:

$ mkdir hello-world && cd hello-world
$ npm init

Now create the assets of your new brick:


<div class="hello-world">
  <h1>Hello world!</h1>
  This is an example app!


.hello-world {
  color: red;

.hello-world h1 {
  background: green;


var Brick = require('brick')

module.exports = Brick('index.html', 'style.css')

You can start serving this brick at this moment,

$ brick
Running hello-world brick at localhost:3000.

Or create an individual HTML file that you can staticly serve:

$ brick -o bundle.html

Or, you can browserify it:

$ brick -o bundle.js

The bundle.js generated by brick above will expose a function named HelloWorld globally. And you can insert it to anywhere in your DOM like the below example:

    <script src="bundle.js" type="text/javascript" />
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